Garmin launches Index BPM blood pressure cuff outside US

Track your blood pressure in Garmin Connect
Garmin Index BPM
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Garmin launched the Index BPM outside of the US for the first time.

It enables users to measure and track their systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings and track the details within the Garmin Connect app.

The Index BPM features an all-in-one upper arm design and has an integrated display for immediate viewing of readings.

It uses Wi-Fi to syncing blood pressure readings to Garmin Connect, so they can be viewed alongside other health data.

GarminIndex BPM

Through the Garmin Connect app, users can:
• Track their blood pressure history and trends alongside other health data.
• Set reminders for blood pressure measurements.
• View readings in detailed reports spanning 7 days, 4 weeks, and 1 year.
• Generate and share reports in PDF format.

Garmin has been increasing its set of healthcare features. It’s partnered with Dexcom for blood glucose tracking within the app, and it has included ECG on the Venu 2 Plus a and Venu 3 smartwatches.

If you’re invested in the Garmin Connect ecosystem – which a lot of people are – then this will be more appealing than picking up a connected blood pressure monitor from the likes of Withings, and embedding yourself into a whole new app.

The Index BPM fits arm sizes 9-17 inches in circumference. It will support 16 users, who can each pair individual readings on the device and sync their data to separate Garmin Connect accounts.

The Index BPM offers 9 months on a single set of four AAA batteries.

The Garmin Index BPM is available for purchase and costs £159.99 in the UK.

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