Garmin launches glucose tracking partnership with Dexcom

Connect IQ app for Dexcom users is available now
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Garmin has launched a Connect IQ app for Dexcom blood glucose monitors, so users can check their levels on their Garmin device.

Connect IQ is Garmin’s app platform, and the store is accessible from premium smartwatches and sports watches in the Garmin range.

The IQ app, which is live now, enables users of the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) System to see their blood glucose level on the wrist.

Users can see current levels, and the trend over the last three hours.

And it can also be shown during workouts too – with a data field that will show the current glucose level.

It will work with Garmin sports watches from the Fenix 6, Vivoactive 4, Marq, and Forerunner 245 Music, Forerunner 745 and Forerunner 945. It is also compatible with devices in the Garmin Edge range.

Blood glucose tracking is a big focus of health and wellness wearables, to try and make the lives of diabetics easier.

The Holy Grail is a non-invasive measure of blood glucose from the wrist, but despite every company from Fitbit to Apple working on it, the technology is a long way off.

But that hasn’t stopped brands from starting to offer tracking within their ecosystems.

The Apple Watch can also display data from Dexcom CGM devices.

And Fitbit has enabled users to manually add their glucose levels into the Fitbit app. And it also launched a similar partnership with LifeScan, to have glucose data synced from connected monitors.

But the race for a wrist-based, non-invasive blood glucose sensor continues.


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