Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch lands at CES

CES 2021: E-Ink smartwatch lands from Danish Fossil brand
Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch lands
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Fossil has unveiled a new hybrid smartwatch at CES 2021, with the Skagen Hybrid HR becoming the first device from the sub-brand to launch on the company’s hybrid platform.

It joins the Fossil Gen 5 LTE and new Gen 5E Michael Kors smartwatches.

We’ve seen hybrids from Skagen before, but the Hybrid HR range places technology much more front-and-center with the E-ink display showing notifications, activity data and things like weather and timers.

It uses the E-ink display to blend smart technology and good old-fashioned time telling.

Like the Fossil Hybrid HR that launched way back in 2019 (and the recent Fossil Hybrid HRMonroe) it features a two-week battery life and fast charging, that bags you 80% charge in just 50 minutes.

It’s no slouch in terms of wellness features either. On board is a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and step counting.

There are even workout modes with automatic detection of exercise, and you can take it for a run and use connected GPS from a paired smartphone.

Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch lands at CES

It comes in 42mm and 38mm sizes, making it unisex, and there are six case and strap combos depending on individual style.

It measures just 12mm thick and the 42mm case takes a 22mm strap, and the 38mm an 18mm strap, which can be swapped out. It’s water resistant to 30m.

It has a Skagen style case and logo, but the on-screen design (and feature set) is identical to that of the Fossil Hybrid HR.

When you’re using smart features, the hands will move out of the way as not to obscure your view.

There are new devices for Skagen, Michael Kors and Fossil Brand – but all based on existing hardware, and it looks unlikely we’ll see Gen 6 hardware until the end of the year.

The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR will go on sale on 26 January for $195.