Xiaomi's next fitness tracker may have a full touchscreen, as Mi Band 3 is teased

The Chinese wearable giant takes to Twitter to troll Mi Band-hungry fans
Xiaomi teases Mi Band 3 touchscreen (again)
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After the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 popped up in a leaked tutorial and purportedly on the wrist of the company's CEO, we now have another indication that the Chinese vendor's next fitness tracker is preparing to land.

This time, Xiaomi's Twitter was the culprit, posting an image of what appeared to be the updated fitness band, with the caption, 'Can you guess what it is?'. After being inundated with replies that referenced the Mi Band 3, Xiaomi cleared things up by noting that the image was actually of the Mi Band 2.

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However, it may not be that straightforward, since the picture appears to show a tracker with a touchscreen face - something, of course, the current generation doesn't have, thanks to its small navigation button. If you look closely at the image, it does feature a very faint circle at the bottom of the display, though this would still appear to make it different to the physical button and design of the Mi Band 2.

Add that to the fact that the recent leaked tutorial showed off a similar touchscreen display, and that the device shown looks suspiciously similar to the tracker found on CEO Lei Jun's wrist, and things get a little more interesting.

Of course, while Xiaomi continues to play games with its fans, it's impossible to know for sure what it has planned. We do know that the Mi Band 3 will be dropping before the end of the year, and we expect it to offer the same cheap price point and strong battery life as its predecessors. But until Xiaomi offers a more clear-cut look at their upcoming band, the speculation will rage on.

Xiaomi's next fitness tracker may have full touchscreen, as Mi Band 3 is teased