​Xiaomi backed Amazfit band is a gorgeous ceramic tracker aimed at women

Chinese fitness band goes big on style
Amazfit band is a gorgeous Chinese tracker
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The world may be waiting for a follow up to the Xiaomi MiBand, but that hasn't stopped the company backing a new fitness tracker via its hardware partner Huami.

It's not wholly backed by Xiaomi but a partnership between Xiaomi and Huaheng Electronic Technology

The Amazfit band features a design we've not really seen before, and the company says it can be worn around the wrist or neck to suit most looks. It's an intriguing style, and hard to identify as a fitness tracker without prompting. The picture below looks more like a mad Bluetooth headset than an activity band.

The Amazfit band features a series of white and black bands, to create a circular doughnut style design. It's made of ceramic, which may sound unusual but is actually the material of choice for a host of high end classic wrist watches. It buffs to a metal-like shine but is as hard as sapphire, making it extraordinarily scratch-resistant. And it makes a satisfying clinking sound too – try it sometime.

It's a very feminine design, and there also seems to be a range of straps to change the look as well, including a watch style leather band and a thin bracelet too.

There's no screen or any on-device indicators of progress, meaning that on the surface it's simply a piece of jewellery. However, it links to a smartphone for fairly standard tracker with steps, sleep and calories all tracked.

It's on sale now, but availability is limited to Asia.