UA Band and HealthBox come to the UK and Europe

Under Armour's wearables are on sale from today
UA HealthBox comes to Europe
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Under Armour is moving one step closer to (wearable tech) world domination as its UA Band fitness tracker and HealthBox suite of products go on sale in the UK and Europe from today, 30 June.

There's some new prices too for the devices that are already on sale in the US and Canada. The HealthBox costs £349 and includes the UA Band, UA Scale and UA Heart Rate monitor. The Band on its own costs £149.

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As for the rest of the UA set that's coming to Europe too. The Heart Rate monitor can be bought separately for £69. The Scale is €199, the Speedform Gemini 2 smart shoes are €130 and lastly, the UA Wireless Headphones - built with JBL - cost €149. Everything hooks up to the UA Record app which tracks fitness, sleep, nutrition and health.

Now, HealthBox isn't perfect yet - as our reviews detail - but there's lots of potential here and Record is a great platform to get started with.

All the new (to Europe) gear is available from, and 'selected retailers' with announcements of UK stores coming soon.