The ​Oura Ring now works with Strava

Two-way integration of data comes to Oura
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Oura and Strava ahave teamed up for a new integration, which enables users of both platforms to share data between.

The Oura Ring 3 is something of a favorite here at Wareable, thanks to its excellent sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. However, it’s been a poor workout partner until recently.

Back in June 2022 the company finally launched its Workout HR feature, which enabled users to track sessions, and view information about performance.

The new Strava integration works slightly differently – and it’s two-way.

Firstly, if you workout with Strava then the session will appear in the Oura app. Most importantly, this will factor into Daily Readiness and Activity Scores.

But if you record a workout using both Strava and the Workout Heart Feature in Oura, the Oura App will prioritize the workout recorded with Workout Heart Rate data so only one workout will show in your app.

Also remember that Strava workouts without heart rate data will not combine with available heart rate data from the Oura Ring.

The ​Oura Ring now works with Strava

Secondly, if you workout using the Oura Workout HR feature, that activity can then be exported to your Strava. It will show data on distance, time, calories, and pace, in addition to the activity intensity bar and Readiness Score.

However, remember that only iOS users can currently get GPS data, and Oura says support for Android is planned for the "coming months."

It’s an important step forward to making Oura a better partner for people that workout, and according to the company, it was their most-requested feature from the community.

Like the Whoop integration, it’s very useful for getting credit for workouts when you might not have been wearing your device. And also tracking sessions such as yoga within Strava.

To get started with the new integration you just need to connect the two accounts with the Oura app – and go and get sweaty.

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