Suunto Spartan Sport is the sleeker, lower cost GPS watch

Suunto's got another Spartan to show off

Suunto recently announced the Spartan Ultra, the multisport GPS watch successor to the Ambit3, and now its revealed a sleeker, cheaper option: the Suunto Spartan Sport.

Just like the Ultra, the Spartan Sport is available in four colors: blue, black, Sakura (pink) and white. It's also 'built to last' with a mineral crystal glass display and stainless steel bezel, pushers and buckle. It also shares the same color touch screen (with great visibility in sunlight), engine and software as the Ultra. Sensor-wise, there's on-board GPS and accelerometer.

There's no heart rate monitoring on the wrist and the Sport pairs with the Suunto Smart Sensor strap. However, that doesn't mean it's never going to happen. Suunto says it's continuing to expand the Spartan line to feature on-the-wrist heart rate tracking.

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There are various settings for battery life that can be customized to fit your needs but in general, the Sport should last 10 hours for training and racing time which can be extended to 16 hours on power save mode. That's about eight hours less than the Ultra, but still respectable. If switched to 'time mode' the Spartan Sport can last 10 days.

The Sport is water resistant to 100 meters which should come in handy for swimmers. Outside of swimming, there's a total of 80 pre-set sport modes that show you sport-specific metrics and rich display options while training. Example modes include running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hiking or ski touring. For sports including running and cycling, modes such as interval running, obstacle race running and treadmill are also available.

All your data can be tracked via the Suunto Movescount mobile application, which is available 0n both Android and iPhones.

The Suunto Spartan Sport is available this September for $549 or $599 with the Smart Sensor heart rate tracker.

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  • yogibimbi·

    This sort of reminds me of another Finnish company that missed the bus and then got run over by it... There would still be time for Suunto to get an Android Wear licence and jump from the proprietary ship, but if Nokia's fate is any indication, if and when it happens, it will be too late. Trying to catch up to the one-year old Fenix 3, just to be kicked to the curb by Nixon's Mission and maybe even the Casio Wear watch 6 months later.

    That said, it is an impressive and sleek piece of timekeeping. If it had Wear on board, I would be all over it...

  • margey_pargey·

    Don't visit the website above, it's unsecure (http instead of https at the start) and numerous things are wrong with it. They might be able to steal your information and i doubt they'll send the product. Contact your bank or open a paypal dispute. Clear your cache, cookies and change all your important passwords for secuirty.

  • J9hob·

    I have an Ambit2 and an Ambit3 they are OK but not great, but after getting my new spartan on Monday I cannot believe how poor the  watch is its four steps back and mine is going back! don't wast your money.