Motiv Ring is getting deeper Alexa support and will now find your phone

Sharing your activity data is also about to get a whole lot easier
Motiv Ring gets deeper Alexa support
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After establishing itself as one of the leaders in the smart ring space, Motiv is now set to release a wave of new features for its wearable.

Set to land with existing users of the Motiv Ring, the company has announced that more advanced Alexa support is coming, while phone location and activity sharing is now also available on the wearable.

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With regard to Amazon's voice assistant, wearers will now be able to ask Alexa about Active Minute data, calories, sleep and steps, with Motiv also indicating that more in-depth questions surrounding the areas of fitness, nutrition and sleep can now be answered.

Just to clear up, though, this isn't native Alexa support in the way you might be imagining; the ring doesn't receive your commands and speak back to you. Instead, those wanting to access the smarts have to download the Motiv skill to an Echo or other Alexa-powered device for a stat checkup or query.

The Motiv Ring is getting deeper Alexa support and will now find your phone

As for the other main feature here, well, that is landing on the finger. With a few quick twists of the ring, the phone synced with the wearable will chime and vibrate for 60 seconds and helping the user to locate its whereabouts.

Your Circle, Motiv's in-app look at your daily activity, is also getting an upgrade, with users able to share their stats with fellow users. And the company is also extending where this activity can be synced, as partnerships with health and fitness apps Pear Sports, Plus3 and Lindora are now all tied up.

When we tested the $199 Motiv Ring last year, we praised its heart rate tracking and design but lamented the lack of detail within the app. And while this particular issue may not yet be fully rectified, the deeper Alexa support is a step in the right direction, and adding features like phone location does help this become a more fleshed out experience.

With Android users now also able to join the party, as of last month, Motiv is proving its committed to improving its smart ring. Now we'll just have to wait and see how these new features work in practice.

The Motiv Ring is getting deeper Alexa support and will now find your phone