Jawbone's data can help you find the ultimate party city

Global user data collected with fascinating results
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Who would have thought that Dubai was the city that partied all night, or that New York, the city that never sleeps, is actually the first to hit the land of nod? That’s what Jawbone’s data scientist Brian Wilt has found after trawling the company’s colossal cache of user information.

When thousands of people around the globe are wearing your fitness tracker, the data you can collect makes for some interesting reading.

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With samples exceeding 5,000 for non-US countries and 10,000 for UP users living in US cities, Jawbone’s results from seven countries are a window onto the collective cultural habits of humans all over the world:

  • Least sleep: Tokyo, Japan – 5 hours 44 minutes
  • Most sleep: Melbourne, Australia – 6 housr 58 minutes
  • Earliest to rise: Brisbane, Australia – 6:29am
  • Latest to rise: Moscow, Russia – 8:08am
  • Most steps: Stockholm, Sweden – 8,876 steps
  • Least steps: Sao Paulo, Brazil – 6,254 steps

Jawbone's data can help you find the ultimate party city

The data also showed the differences between some cities. A city like London where people rely on public transport showed a high percentage of users walking in the highest band of steps.

Jawbone's data can help you find the ultimate party city

However, the colour of the map is totally different to a US city like Houston, where more people have cars and driving is a larger part of the culture. The paler red section shows that more people walk less than 700 steps per hour, compared with 1,000+ in London. The result is a difference of nearly 2,000 steps across the day.

Jawbone's data can help you find the ultimate party city

You can check out a wide range of cities on the Jawbone blog, and of course, don’t forget to read our guide to Jawbone tips and tricks.

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