1. Record a Live Workout in Whoop
  2. Add a Workout to Whoop Retrospectively
  3. Edit a Workout in Whoop

How to record a workout in Whoop

Retrospectively add workouts into Whoop
Wareable Whoop 4.0
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If you take your Whoop 4.0 strap out for a run, the autoworkout detection kicks in and does a pretty good job of logging the session. 

However, sessions such as yoga, weight training, or other less standard workouts can be missed entirely.

You can take the time to start a session in the app itself, but we prefer just to tag some workouts later.

Here’s how to do it:

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Record a Live Workout in Whoop

WareableAdd Activity

1. On the Home Screen, scroll down and tap Start Activity.

2. Choose the activity from the list at the top.

3. Optionally, set a specific Strain Score for the session. Whoop will recommend one for you, based on your recovery.

4. Tap Start Activity.

5. Tap End and Save to finish.

Add a Workout to Whoop Retrospectively

WareableAdd Activity

If you already completed your workout, and you want to log it within the Whoop app:

1. Open the Whoop app and tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Select "Add Activity" and choose the activity type from the list.

3. Set the start and end times of your workout and tap "Save."

Edit a Workout in Whoop

WareableAdd Activity

If a workout was partially recorded, which often happens, you can fine-tune that data in Whoop:

1. Tap the recorded workout in the Strain.

2. Tap the three buttons at the top and choose Edit.

3. Adjust the start and end times.

4. Press save.

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