The colorful, kid-focused Fitbit Ace 2 is now on sale

New Ace adds bumper to protect that display
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Fitbit's original kids fitness tracker, the Fitbit Ace, was essentially a kid-sized Alta that let kids who wanted to be more adult feel a little more adult - and it did a good job of it. With its second kids fitness tracker, the Fitbit Ace 2, the company is going with a whole new design aimed at younger kids.

The tracker, which was revealed back in March, is now on sale over on Fitbit's site and select retailers, where you can pick it up for . Right now it's only available in one color version - blue and neon yellow - but a watermelon and teal option will arrive in June. If you're in the UK, it's still showing the band on pre-order, but the company says this will move to 'Buy now' some time in May.

Fitbit's also offering a couple of print bands, priced at and available to buy separately.

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While the original Ace targeted kids aged eight and up, the Ace 2 is designed for children aged six and up. There's a brand new design that's less Alta-like. You've got bolder, brighter colors and a bumper around the tracker to protect the display from wear and tear.

You can also pop the tracker out of the bumper and pop it into bands for the new Inspire and Inspire HR, so should your kid get tired of the kiddy look, they can go for something a little more adult eventually.

The colorful, kid-focused Fitbit Ace 2 is now on sale

The Ace 2 is also swimproof up to 50 meters, so you kid can splash around without worry. There are also now animated clock faces with challenges to motivate your kids into moving around. Avatars and cover photos are also in offer to help your kid personalize their Fitbit experience. You can do all of this in the Fitbit app, which an adult has to use to set up a family account before kids can get fitness tracking.

As for the actual fitness tracking, there aren't many changes from the original Ace. You're still going to get steps and active minutes, plus sleep. Now you'll be able to swim around with it, but it's likely swimming will count as active minutes.

There are no promotional tie-ins here though, unlike Garmin's broader deal with Disney for its Vivofit Jr line of kids fitness trackers. There also doesn't appear to be any games here; Fitbit is keeping the focus purely on fitness.

The colorful, kid-focused Fitbit Ace 2 is now on sale

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