Fitbit partners with One Drop to bring diabetes management to Ionic users

The company continues its push into health and wellbeing
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Fitbit has partnered with diabetes management company One Drop in order to bring the latter's care platform to its users.

Coming later this month, users of One Drop will be able to sync Fitbit data to their account, freeing themselves of the burden of tracking the likes of activity, sleep and heart rate data throughout the day.

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However, while the integration will cover the smartphone app, it will also be developing an app for the Fitbit Ionic. This, of course, comes after Fitbit made its software development kit available to developers last month, with the aim in this case to help interpret the likes of physical activity's impact on blood glucose levels - all from the wrist.

"This holistic experience brings the power of Fitbit data together with One Drop's sophisticated care management technology to provide meaningful insights on the role of physical activity and how it can improve the health of those living with diabetes," said Adam Pellegrini, general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions.

This is a positive step for Fitbit, after initially launching its first smartwatch with slim-to-nil third-party app support and (still) no music service for Europe. And, in particular, this move underlines the company's continued emphasis regarding health and wellbeing through the Ionic.

Not only are diabetics now able to track their health, the Ionic's currently unused SpO2 sensor should soon be capable of estimating blood oxygen levels and also providing sleep apnea analysis.

And while this kind of integration would have been nice to see right off the bat, the fact that its SDK is now being pored over by developers means we should expect a richer experience by the time the Fitbit App Gallery launches before the end of the year.

Fitbit partners with One Drop to bring diabetes management to Ionic users


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