Fitbit working on Charge 3 and Blaze 2 trackers for 2018

Oh, and apparently staff "never believed in" the stuttering smartwatch project
New Fitbit Charge and Blaze in the works
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While Fitbit may still be toiling over the Fitbit smartwatch, the company is already lining up releases of the Charge 3 and Blaze 2 for 2018, a new report has revealed.

According to Bloomberg, Fitbit engineers are working on sleeker successors to the Charge 2 and the Fitbit Blaze. In addition to new trackers, Fitbit is planning to give its Aria smart scale a revamp as well.

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Unsurprisingly, there's no details on what we can expect from a Charge 3 or a Blaze 2, but it's perhaps not all that surprising that Fitbit would want to upgrade its most popular tracker. The watch-style Blaze though is an interesting one, especially with its smartwatch on the way.

Speaking of that smartwatch, there's more negative news with reports that Fitbit has fallen behind on building its dedicated app store. According to Bloomberg, some of the team working on the watch consider it a "sub-standard project the company should never have embarked on" and that Fitbit was, "building something that people internally never believed in."

Fitbit has issued a statement in response to some of these claims denying that there are issues with the app store and the developer program adding that it is, "well positioned to succeed."

The company's first smartwatch is expected to launch this fall with leaked images pointing to a design that suggests it'll be modelled on the Blaze fitness tracker. Rumoured features include a 1,000 nit colour display, GPS, NFC payments and music streaming from Pandora. James Park has already confirmed that there will be a dedicated app store but previous reports have also claimed it won't be ready in time for launch.

Fitbit is apparently already working on new Charge and Blaze fitness trackers