Fitbit’s is prepping Versa 4 and Luxe 2 wearables

Codenamed devices found lurking in code
New Fitbits on the way
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Fitbit is prepping a host of wearable sequels for 2022 – including the Versa 4, Sense 2 and Luxe 2, according to a new report.

9to5Google has been combing app releases and has found a host of new Fitbit device codenames lurking in the code.

The Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense were released in 2020 against the backdrop of the global pandemic, and it seems the health-focused smartwatches are due an upgrade.

9to5Google has spotted codenames “Hera” and “Rhea” – both of which utilize a 336×336 resolution display – which happens to be the same as the current generation Fitbit smartwatches.

In addition, the report also found another codename. A device codenamed “Nyota” will have a 124×208 resolution display, which just so happens to be the same as the current Fitbit Luxe.

So we should see new Fitbit Versa 4, a new Sense 2 and a Luxe 2 – all landing within the next couple of months.

The Fitbit Luxe was announced in June 2021, although it was a September 2020 unveiling for the Versa/Sense duo. So both are natural and overdue releases.

Other than these codenames and screen resolutions, we have no idea of the kinds of features Fitbit will be adding to its updated line-up.

What to expect?

We’d like to see improvements to the Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense in terms of their performance as a smartwatch. In our reviews we criticised the annoying button, and sub-par performance of the OS.

The Fitbit smartwatch experience has been about the excellent wellness tracking – but we’d like to see an overhauled design and improvements to things like watch faces, apps and applets, Fitbit Pay support and a slicker on-watch experience that makes it feel like a better companion.

The leak doesn't seem to indicate the launch of the Fitbit Wear OS smartwatch that was teased back at Google I/O last year. But given that we've still not seen Wear OS 3 and the Pixel Watch looks to be very delayed, that's not a surprise.