Fitbit OS 4.1 update brings new sleep and heart tracking features to your wrist

Fitbit smartwatch owners are set for a big boost
Fitbit OS update brings raft of new features
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Owners of Fitbit smartwatches are set for a big boost, with the company announcing a software update packed with new features for the Fitbit Versa series and Fitbit Ionic.


In Fitbit OS 4.1, the crop of smartwatches will all receive the long-awaited sleep tracking features first announced alongside the arrival of the Fitbit Versa 2.

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This is headlined by Smart Wake, an alarm which works by waking users with vibrations at a good time in their sleep cycle. The Sleep Score, previously only present in the app, will now also be available directly from the smartwatches.


Interestingly, the heart tracking technology that powers much of these sleep smarts will also be getting a bit of a tweak in the new update.

Starting with the Versa 2, the PurePulse algorithm will be able to leverage machine learning and recognise the signature of a heart rate in order to deliver improved accuracy.

It's not the only exclusive feature heading to the Versa 2, either. For those who want more options in the always-on mode, you can now pick between five new faces, and a clock face switcher - which lets you save and pick from five of your favorites - can now also be accessed from the device.


Even more - Alexa can also be called upon to start workout tracking, while a new Agenda app lets you manage your schedule. If you're running low on battery, the Versa 2 will now be able to jump into a battery saving mode to eke out a few more hours.

Subscribers of the Fitbit Premium membership plan will see improvements through the new update, as well. A wellness report, third-party workouts, guided programs and challenges will appear over the coming months, the company says.

However, if you're just a Fitbit smartwatch user - and, particularly, a Fitbit Versa 2 owner - there's plenty to look forward to when OS 4.1 begins rolling out in the first week of December.


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  • wu-tang-36·

    Really been waiting for this update, for like two years now. Unfortunately my Ionic didn't last that long, so I'm switching to Garmin ;)

    • ZonBon·

      SpO2...? Where is it?!!

      And I certainly hope the heart rate tracking algorithm improves - it's highly inaccurate when HR ramps up as it is.

      • j.stables·

        Good question!