Fitbit is working on Bluetooth sports headphones to launch this year

The Fitbit smartwatch is set to be joined by a pair of smart earbuds
Fitbit is building Bluetooth headphones

Fitbit is set to launch a pair of Bluetooth sports headphones in fall 2017, alongside its first proper Fitbit smartwatch. That's according to Yahoo's anonymous sources who have let details of the upcoming device slip.

They say that the Fitbit headphones will be two earbuds attached by a wire that sits around the wearer's neck. The sources also say they will be similar in design to the Beats X earbuds and implied in that is that we shouldn't expect a pair of AirPods/Bragi Dash/Jabra Sport Elite-style completely wireless hearables. We don't have any images yet.

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Apart from playing music, we don't yet know whether the Fitbit earbuds will have any other functions.

We'd be surprised if there were no extra features - activity tracking or heart rate perhaps - though if they are a companion accessory to a smartwatch which does all that plus GPS then dumb 'phones make more sense even with the Fitbit brand on them.

The only other detail we have right now is that the Fitbit in-ears will come in two colours - Nightfall Blue and Lunar Gray, which we assume matches the upcoming watch.

The fall 2017 launch date seems tied to the fate of the delayed Fitbit smartwatch which has been hit by production issues around GPS and waterproofing.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Fitbit is working on Bluetooth sports headphones to launch this year

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