Fitbit Flex 2: Essential guide to the swim-friendly fitness tracker

Everything you need to know about about the Fitbit Flex successor
Fitbit Flex 2 essential guide

Fitbit has officially unveiled the Flex 2, the successor to its iconic band that first launched in 2013.

Arriving alongside the Fitbit Charge 2, the Flex 2 builds on the more stylish design ethos introduced with the Blaze and the Alta.

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Read on for the full lowdown on the Fitbit Flex 2. You can check out our first impressions by clicking the link above and we'll publish a full review as soon as we've been able to fully test one.

Fitbit Flex 2: Design

The Flex 2 still features a removable tracker but it's now longer and sits centrally inside the band adding colour LED lights to indicate tracking progress and offer phone notification support (more on that shortly).

It's also offering a range of classic bands, elegant bangles or pendants, giving you the kind of versatility you'd normally associate with Misfit's fitness trackers. It's worth noting that when you are wearing the Flex 2 module, some tracking modes like sleep tracking and SmartTrack may be disabled.

There are luxe, premium mirror-finish bangles in silver stainless steel and 22k-plated gold or rose gold stainless steel. There are also lariat-style necklaces in silver stainless steel or 22k-plated gold stainless steel.

Fitbit is offering a range of designer collections for the Flex 2, teaming up with Public School, Tory Burch and Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's. All collections will be available in 2016.

Fitbit claims it is has made the Flex 2 30% smaller than the original, but the real story here is that this is the wearable tech heavyweight's first swim-proof tracker. It's water resistant up to 50 metres, matching the Misfit Shine 2 and Garmin Vivosmart HR+ for the depths you can take it for a dip in the swimming pool, the ocean and take it in the shower.

Fitbit Flex 2: Activity tracking

In terms of tracking the Flex 2 covers the bases, monitoring steps, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and sleep. You also get the benefit of Fitbit's SmartTrack tech to automatically recognise and log select workouts, which includes walking, running, cycling and aerobic workouts.

With its new water-resistant design, you do also get some swim tracking features, letting you automatically track pool sessions and delivering metrics on laps, duration and calories burned.

To keep you motivated, you can set up reminders to stay active during the day, hit mini hourly goals and generally just not be lazy. Fitbit is now also offering personalised weekly exercise goals to give you that added motivational push.

All of the data will of course be stored in the Fitbit app where the company has added new features like leaderboard, and new Fitbit Challenges to virtually experience iconic landmarks and trails to give help give you that extra motivational push to explore.

Fitbit Flex 2: Battery life

Battery life is up to five days, which is what the original Flex delivered. That's also on par with the Alta and the Blaze, which is surprising as the Flex 2 doesn't include a screen that displays text.

Fitbit Flex 2: Smartphone notifications

There's smartphone notification support here too, just don't expect to be able to read your messages without reaching in your pocket for your phone. The new vertically positioned LED display uses colour-coded lights to let you know about calls and texts as well as indicating progress towards your daily goals. As long as your phone is nearby.

A blue LED indicates calls and texts, yellow signals that silent alarm, red is your cue to move and green will appear when you've successfully hit your goal.

Fitbit Flex 2: Price and release date

The Flex 2 is available globally for pre-order now from the Fitbit website and will start rolling out to retail stores in the fall/autumn. It's priced at $99.95, the same as the original, making it cheaper than the Alta. You can take your pick from black, lavender, magenta or navy bands.

You can also pick up Classic straps in a three-pack ($29.95) while bangle accessories in gold, rose gold and rose gold are priced at $99.95. The stainless steel bangle will set you back $89.95. The pendant accessory in gold is priced at $99.95 and it's $79.95 for the stainless steel version.

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  • GERRI says:

    I have the fit it HR  . I love it but they lack durability. My band is separating from the watch part again. I think that they should concentrate on the durability of product. 

  • JDonk says:

    Avoid fitbit! I bought a fitbit charge for my wife at dick smith. The first one did not work straight out of the box, would not charge at all. Dick smith replaced immediately, same day as purchase. A few months later the new one stopped charging. Again, Dick Smith replaced with a brand new item. Now, 9 months later, this 3rd fitbit charge will not charge, the battery will not charge.

    Subsequently, Dick Smith has closed down in my area so I can not return for a refund.

    I contacted Fitbit, who are saying the original purchase is out of warranty but they will replace with the same model, but will not refund. They don't have enough faith in their own product to give a warranty on the brand new replacement fitbit charge thats only 9 months old!! I asked if the replacement they are willing to send will have a warranty but they didi not reply.

    They also will not allow me to pay the difference to upgrade to a better model!!

    Well, if you ask me thats pretty poor, they should write a book on how to lose customers because thats what they've done in this situation. Not only me but everyone I know I tell how bad the product is and the lack of faith they have in their product. I strongly recommend buying a more reputable brand.

    Fitbit is a waste of money and you will more than likely be disappointed.

  • StrockyE says:

    I had charge hr. I have 3 broken ones. After about 3months, Back falls off and/or screen stops working. Fitbit was happy to replace every time. But after this happening over and over I decided I don't want that model. Same deal, I wanted to upgrade, pay the difference or even or lesser model. As long as I didn't have charge hr I didn't care. My husband called and basically harassed them, threatening wit a law suit etc.. after a few days and many supervisors/managers, we finally got them to send a check for the value of hr. So waiting to receive it. I'm looking into reviews for fitness trackers now. Not to sure if I want to invest in fitbit again.

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