Fitbit Charge 2 tracking issues are being addressed with a software update

Company admits it's been having some problems with its fitness tracker

If you bought a Fitbit Charge 2 recently and noticed that the accuracy of the tracking data has been a bit off, don't worry, Fitbit has spotted it too.

The wearable tech giant has confirmed that it has been having a few problems with its new fitness tracker, specifically around the way different modes are being tracked using connected GPS for activities like walking, hiking and while in interval mode. It's also spotted problems when using multi-sport tracking for run and treadmill activities.

Fitbit has now issued a pair of software updates that it believes will sort everything out.

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Speaking to The Verge, a spokesperson from Fitbit confirmed that it had, "recently uncovered two software bugs that affect specific uses of Charge 2", adding that, "these software errors caused the tracker to occasionally calculate stats like pace and distance with less precision than we expect from our products."

The software updates are available to download now for all Fitbit Charge 2 users. When we tested the Charge 2 last month, we didn't experience any of the issues highlighted by Fitbit, and generally found the Charge HR successor to be a reliable tracker to use.

It's good to see Fitbit acknowledge that its new device wasn't quite up to scratch at launch and has offered a solution in such a speedy fashion.

Source: The Verge

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  • Croshed·

    Too late, I already returned mine. Not only is the tracking off, the steps counter is WAY off. The heart rate monitor is OK most of the time, but faults at least twice a day with spikes. The most disappointing flaw was the sleep tracker. Although it was very accurate for sleep & wake accuracy, there was very little to no data in between (heart rate, motion, etc).

  • Sherrymorss·

    I bought two of the Fitbit Charge 2 trackers. I've had mine just less than a week. For three days in a row, while tracking my steps, it has gotten stuck at 2991, 2997, and today at 2987. The first day I called Fitbit at customer support and they told me how to reset it. It took 3 attempts, but did finally reset. The next day when it got stuck, I called them again. I explained that I'm not going to put up with resetting this tracker every single day. Also, it takes several attempts to get it to start tracking again. I must say, customer service was very polite and it didn't take very long to speak with a live person. After explaining how I felt, the representative consulted someone and came back on line to tell me they would ship me a new tracker. He said they'd never heard of this problem before. So today, while waiting for my new tracker, this one stopped again. I appreciate that things can happen and a faulty product can get into a customer's hands. I also appreciate being sent a new tracker. My issue is the other one I bought is a gift for my daughter. What if this isn't an isolated incident? I don't want to give my daughter a piece of junk. I guess I'll go ahead and gift it to here and hope for the best. The other thing is it sure in annoying to have my stats so screwed up over this faulty tracker. If I have any issues with the new one, I'm looking for a different brand of tracker. 

  • Bilbo-B·

    My biggest problem with the Charge 2 is that reliability just isn't there.  A whole slew of Charge 2s were sent out with defective charging cables and mine was one of them.  I'm a little upset with Fitbit that they didn't send me a new cable right away when I started having problems.  Intermittently, I'd plug in the Charge 2 to charge and in the morning, it would either be partially-charged or not at all.  I'd have to mess around with it, unplug and replug, to get it to charge.  It got progressively worse.  Fitbit customer service kept telling me, "make sure it's seated in the charger correctly", "restart your device if problems continue".  Then a friend who works retail told me about the defective charger problem and told me to call Fitbit up immediately and DEMAND that they send me a new charger cable immediately.  When I did that, they sent me a new cable.  While waiting, my current cable died completely and I was without a tracker for 10 days.  Thanks for just sitting on the problem, Fitbit, until you just couldn't anymore.  

    My 2nd problem came a month later.  In the middle of switching screens, the tracker just blinked out.  Completely died, black-screen and nothing else.  I noticed that the green lights on the back (heartbeat is checked optically) were dead.  Fitbit confirmed the device is dead and sent me a new one.  It took 10 days to get to me via FedEx, what's up with that?!  Putting it in the regular US mail in a padded envelope takes 3-4 days, just do that!  Fitbit shipping is not smart about what they're doing. 

    Within 3 months of getting a Charge 2, it completely died on me once and sat dormant on a shelf for 3 weeks out of that 3 months.  Looking on the Fitbit customer assistance internet forum, which is VERY busy these days, the Charge 2 is unacceptable glitchy and dies a lot.  It's obvious that reliability just isn't there.  At this time, I cannot recommend buying one.  When this tracker dies again, and I know it will, I'm going with a non-Fitbit product.  The Charge 2 has been one headache after another.  

    I agree with the poster above who said that Fitbit was a great company pre-IPO, then just went down the tubes post-IPO.  I purchased a bottom-of-the-line Fitbit One and it is a great product.  I figured that I'd start basic, see how I like it after a year or so, and then upgrade to something mid-level.  Boy do I feel suckered.  The One was great, although entry-level simple, and the Charge 2 has been nothing but a headache.  Now that I've had something with better features, I can't go back to the One but I'm sure not going to go with a Fitbit $200+ tracker after getting totally suckered at the mid-level.  When my Charge 2 dies again, I'm going non-Fitbit.  I haven't decided yet but I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new brand of tracker, I know that day is coming soon.