The Fitbit app can now include your stats from other wearables and services

Google expands Health Connect to its premier platform
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The Fitbit app finally can show users their stats from other wearables and services, with Google announcing the expansion of the Health Connect platform at MWC 2024.

First announced nearly two years ago, Google Health Connect is effectively the company's interoperability platform; it gives users the choice of feeding specific bits of data into their app of choice to fill out the picture. It works similarly to Google Fit integrations, except you don't have to use Google Fit.

So, for example, we've enabled Health Connect support between Whoop and Oura to allow the former's workout tracking to appear natively within the latter's app and count toward our calorie goal.

With Google now granting the Fitbit app the same level of support, users will now be able to see all their data in one place. Specifically, Fitbit app fans will see the Today section looking quite different.

We haven't yet received the update, and therefore can only show you Google's example above, but the company indicates that cards such as Steps, Active Zone Minutes, and Exercise Days will now come labeled with the Health Connect logo if they show data from other sources (as well as Fitbit or Google's own devices).

The 'You' tab is also getting a tweak, with a new 'Records' section allowing you to view each scrap of Health Connect data in one place. 

It's not yet clear how users will be able to turn the taps of data on or off - for example, disabling specific sleep data being pulled in from multiple sources if you're happy with just Fitbit's data - but previous experience tells us this should be fairly straightforward within the app's settings section.

Google suggests the update is rolling out to Fitbit from today, though you will have to sign up with Health Connect and set up the basic integration before you see all these new features.

We'll have a more detailed explanation of how to use Health Connect and Fitbit in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. 


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