Best Fitbit Ionic bands 2020: Smarten up your smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic strap alternatives for exercising, dressing up and everything else
The best Fitbit Ionic bands 2020
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The Fitbit Ionic was Fitbit's first smartwatch and still remains the company's flagship wearable and its only wearable to have built-in GPS. That means it's a great sporty companion for outdoor workouts. But you don't always want it to look quite so sporty, and that's where a replacement band will come in.

Thankfully, like Fitbit's other fitness trackers and smartwatches, the bands are quickly replaceable, so you can swap them out for something more suitable for the occasion.

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If you're getting a bit bored of your Ionic's look, a new band is a great way to breathe some new life into Fitbit's smartwatch and really make it your own - whether that's for you or a gift for someone else.

Of course, Fitbit has its own range of official Fitbit Ionic straps but these often come at a premium. If you're not looking to spend quite as much, thankfully there are third party options available that are just as good and with much more variety of materials and designs.

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So whether you're looking for a strap to glam up your Fitbit Ionic, or a sweat-resistant band to survive a sweaty workout, we've rounded up the best Fitbit band options for you right here.

Milanese loop

Price when reviewed: $14.39

Best Fitbit Ionic straps: Third party bands to help you freshen up your smartwatch

So you thought you could only get that sleek Milanese loop look from the folks over in Cupertino, did you? Well, think again. Through this third-party option you can pick up this classy magnetic band in a range of different color styles — champagne, black, rose gold and silver.

Naturally, how good these look largely comes down to which Ionic body colour you're rocking, but this is a great option for those looking to pick a smarter option without the faff of adjusting and resizing.

Elobeth stainless steel strap

Price when reviewed: $18.99

Best Fitbit Ionic straps: Third party bands to help you freshen up your smartwatch

If Milanese loops aren't your thing, you may find that a standard steel band does just the trick. With this option coming in a whopping 14 different styles, too, you're sure to find a colour that can help you mix things up from the usual sporty look. It should fit most wrists, but bear in mind that you'll likely have to adjust the links as well.

StrapsCo Patterned rubber strap for Fitbit Ionic

Price when reviewed: $19.99

Patterned rubber strap for Fitbit Ionic

Loud and brash, if you really want your Fitbit Ionic to stand out then these floral rubber numbers are just what you need. It's a pretty standard 200mm length, so it should fit mosts wrists, with a buckle strap that makes adjustments easy. There are too many styles and patterns to mention here, but you can choose between floral and bold patterns, all of which have big doses of color in common.

Bayite metal with rhinestone strap

Price when reviewed: $23.99

Best Fitbit Ionic straps: Third party bands to help you freshen up your smartwatch

The Ionic's standard band is all well and good if you want to run around your local park or hit up the swimming pool, but it's by no means the dressiest strap out there. So if you want to ditch the sporty look, you can give this rhinestone-packed metal option from Bayite a try.

The band comes in three colours - gold, black and silver - with a clasp system in place for you to lock the device to your wrist. Since this is a metal band, it also comes with a tool to resize and adjust to your wrist, while also being easy to take on and off.

Skylet perforated silicon strap

Price when reviewed: $11.99

Best Fitbit Ionic straps: Third party bands to help you freshen up your smartwatch

You may like the idea of Fitbit's sporty, perforated bands, but it's also possible the company's options are too limited in design or expensive for your taste. In that case, MoKo is on hand to provide you pretty much the same two-tone design in a range of seven alternative combinations.

All of Skylet's straps fit come in small or large sizes, with the perforations giving you lots of room to adjust and find a spot comfortable for when you're exercising (and want that underside steady to monitor your heart rate) or sat at your desk at work.

Cagos leather band

Price when reviewed: $16.99

Best Fitbit Ionic straps: Third party bands to help you freshen up your smartwatch

Fitbit itself obviously offers you its range of leather straps, but if you want to opt for something a little cheaper, or you just plain don't like the look of its range, you might be interested in Cagos' bands for the Ionic.

For wrists of between 6.29- to 8.66-inch wrists, the company offers you three leather options (black, brown, blue) with small perforations covering the band. In terms of sheer style, the Cagos is our favourite.

Supcase rugged buckle case

Price when reviewed: $17.99

Best Fitbit Ionic bands: Third party straps to help you freshen up your smartwatch

If you're planning on putting your Fitbit Ionic through a serious bruising, then you'll want this ruggedised case and strap combo. It's made from shock-absorbent, heavy-duty materials that are designed to withstand whatever you throw at it.

The case simply snaps into place and you're safe in the knowledge your Fitbit Ionic is well protected. The size adjustable band should accommodate any wrist size as well.

Wepro 3-pack bands

Price when reviewed: $8.99

Best Fitbit Ionic bands: Third-party straps to help you freshen up your smartwatch

If you just want a basic Fitbit Ionic band, then you can't really beat this one for value. Especially as you get three different colors. There are 13 different color combinations, so you can pick a bunch that you like, all for a ridiculously low price.

You have a choice of either small or large sizes so make sure you pick accordingly. Then you can keep spare bands wherever you might need one, like a gym bag or at your desk. As these are silicone they'll be great for exercise, too.