Sony SmartEyeglass Attach first look: This specs accessory has potential

MWC 2015: Sony's smartglasses are on sale but how about its attachable?
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Sony is showing off its prototype wearable tech at MWC 2015 alongside the freshly announced Xperia Z4 tablet and M4 Aqua smartphone.

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We headed straight for the SmartEyeglass Attach to see if this attachable lens is the future of smartglasses. The answer? It sure has potential but there's a lot to be worked out.

Sony SmartEyeglass Attach: Design and display


The comparisons to Google Glass come straightaway and Sony is keen to point out that at 40g the SmartEyeglass Attach is lighter than Google's first pair of smartglasses.

We're trying it out with Sony's geeky white specs but the idea is that the unit will be attached to any pair of glasses - ours is wired but there will be a battery unit on the left hand side too in the final version. So yes, this is light and comfortable to wear but we'll reserve judgement until the 400mAh battery gets involved.

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The 0.23-inch colour OLED is pretty small - we knew that in advance - but still it seems tiny considering the effort that's gone into putting it there. That said, it's clear, the 640 x 400 resolution looks sharp and it seems to stay in focus more than Glass did.

As we said when the prototype was first unveiled at CES, the overall look will depend on the frames you wear it with and any tweaks Sony makes to the white plasticky design. In short, it needs some fashion partnerships and quick.

Sony SmartEyeglass Attach: Features


We tried out the SmartEyeglass Attach with a tennis demo getting real time updates on the speed of our serve and the like in the OLED up in the top corner of our right eye. The other sports is targeting - and it is targeting sports - are cycling and golf.

The info updated quickly to match the demo video in front of us and we can see the benefit of having easily glanceable heads up info, especially if you're wearing, say, sunglasses anyway.

Sony SmartEyeGlass Attach: Early verdict


Here's what we want to see for this Sony concept which it promises will be on sale in 2015 - fashion partnerships for the design, a better-than-Glass battery life so it's not just limited to a quick sports session, an easy to use UI and further miniaturisation if that's possible.

It's a tough ask but hey, if we're going to stick something on our face, we're allowed to be demanding about what it looks like and what it's capable of.


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