​Apple Watch three months on: 17 things we learned since our review

Spend some time with the Cupertino smartwatch and these are the things you'll find

Somehow it's been three months since our Apple Watch review went live, and as it's one of the most hotly discussed and debated smartwatches on the market, we thought it was prudent to look back at what's changed.

Part of the reason is that the Apple Watch is so full of untapped potential.

In our review we outlined how even the current version of the Watch could be such a great companion for many aspects of our lives, yet thanks to poor services and half baked integrations, it lets itself down. But after three months of customer feedback, a major software update to watchOS 1.1 and the launch of Apple Pay, have things changed for the better?

Here's a bunch of things we've learned after three months living with the device...

1. The run tracking is still totally inaccurate

2. The battery life isn't actually that big a deal

3. The silicon straps look a tad silly with a suit...

4. …and the official straps are ridiculously expensive

5. Apple Pay is amazing, even if you don't use it every day

6. Digital touch is only good for cock doodles

7. watchOS 2 will change everything...

8. ...because the Apple Watch's apps suck right now

9. We need more watch faces

10. The workout app is so limited it's embarrassing

11. You don't actually use apps that often

12. Grime gets in the digital crown really easily…

13. ...but the Apple Watch is actually super waterproof

14. You don't actually use the Crown that much

15. The daily stand goal can do one...

16. But the fitness tracking is great overall

17. The heart rate monitor is next to useless

So there you have it. Since our review, precious little has has changed – and certainly not enough to think about a review of our rather cutting three star review. The arrival of watchOS2 will change things further, but the lack of fixes for elements like the run tracking is frustrating.

If you're still making a decision about the best smartwatch for you, read our round-up. And if you've already plumped for an Apple Watch then our in-depth super guide is a must-read for you.


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  • swoflife·

    I don't know... the heart rate sensor seems to work well for me.. at least it's reasonably close to what my other heart rate monitor tells me. I also end up with an average heart rate after a bike ride that is within the range I would expect. I'm just not sure if it's useful information. 

    I use the digital crown and third party apps all the time. Fantastical is a must-have, because the native calendar is so limited. I also find several other apps very useful and hardly sluggish at all. The digital crown is not only useful for scrolling/zooming, but it is also handy for fast-switching between my two most recent apps. Still, I look forward to OS2 and native third party apps.

    I agree that the battery is not an issue and that the Apple bands are too expensive. Fortunately there are good third party alternatives that dress up nicely. Apple Pay is indeed cool, but honestly it's not even close to the most convenient thing about the watch. The fact that I can walk through the grocery store checking my shopping list on my watch is a lot cooler and more convenient for me (I use the Bring app). Since my grocery store accepts Apple Pay I can do the shopping and check out without every taking out my iPhone or my wallet. Yes that's cool, but using a debit card doesn't require that much effort. I do hope that Apple improves their fitness tracking, workout and health apps.My fitbit does a lot of those things better, but the Apple Watch works well enough for my purposes, and the activity rings are somehow more inspiring. 

    The biggest surprise for me is how much the watch has reduced my daily stress. It's mostly due to silent notifications. I no longer have an iPhone beeping at me to do this or read that. Notifications are now more helpful than annoying. 

  • KevinBsg·

    Nice thoughts. 

    1. Step counts I've found to be accurate compared to the three other trackers I've used
    2. Battery life is more than sufficient. I always end the day around 65% remaining
    3. My dark strap on the Sport watch is flexible for many settings (formal/casual
    4. Everything Apple is ridiculously expensive
    5. Haven't tried ApplePay as it's not available in Singapore
    6. Digital Touch - not at all interested.
    7. Can't wait for WatchOS2
    8. I haven't found a watch "must have" app yet
    9. More watch faces, YES!
    10. Workout app is fine for me as I just walk
    11. Rarely use apps
    12. My digital crown hasn't gotten dirty
    13. Haven't been underwater with my watch
    14. Yes, the digital crown isn't that useful
    15. Daily Stand goal is a great reminder to get up at work!
    16. Best feature is my daily calories burned - so I agree that Fitness is the best feature
    17. Heart Rate Monitor is slow when using it while walking or at the gym. But over the course of the day, it tracks your heart rate to more accurately determine calories burned. So I like it.

    Like swoflife, I've found that the wrist taps are less stressful than "dings." I use my iPhone less during the day than previously with the Apple Watch's notifications.