Pick up a Withings Steel HR for just £103 in Prime Day sale

The hybrid smartwatch is a steal right now
Withings Steel HR is just £103 for Prime Day
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If you're not interested in bagging yourself a full fat smartwatch like the Apple Watch or a Fitbit Versa for Amazon Prime Day, there's a pretty awesome deal on the Withings Steel HR hybrid smartwatch to cast your eye over instead.

The Steel HR is going for just £103.16, with the price of hybrid slashed by £66. The watch usually costs £169.95, so that's a mighty saving.

Withings Steel HR - Save £66
Withings Steel HR - Save £66

Not to be confused with the Steel HR Sport, the Steel HR offers a far more elegant watch design and comes with a 36mm or 40mm case. The Steel HR Sport is only available in a 40mm option.

You get many of the same features including a digital display baked into the watch face to view data like heart rate, notifications and step counts. A software update that recently rolled out also added a bunch of features that were previously only available on the Steel Sport HR.

So you're now also getting the ability to piggyback off your phone's GPS to map your routes and combine with pace, distance and elevation data. There's also now multi-sport tracking, which means you can select from 30 sports from the watch and get continuous heart rate tracking for that session.

There's smarter notification support too, so you can receive notifications from third-party apps on top of call, text, email and event notifications. You still get 25 day battery life to keep you away from that bundled charger as well.

If you want in on this deal you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member. You can take out a 30-day free trial if you're not already signed up.

Withings Steel HR - Save £66
Withings Steel HR - Save £66

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