Google is working to make 360 degree cameras ready for Street View

20 new 360-degree cameras set to land in 2017
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With uploading to Street View a hassle even for those with a 360 degree camera, Google is looking to simplify matters by assisting with upcoming devices.

The tech giant has announced it's working with hardware partners on a number of Street View-ready standards that will look to approve the all-seeing cameras based on how easily you can transfer your work to the platform.

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There are a number of areas in which the 20 cameras, set to land throughout 2017, will tackle. Five mobile-ready snappers will let you post directly from the app, cutting out the need to upload from your computer, while three are also set to drop in VR to allow for connected shots to be generated.

If you want to replicate the Google Street View car, cameras will also be released which are tailored for "vehicle-based collection with the highest accuracy," the company said. And finally, workflow ready cameras, which already includes Samsung and GoPro, will come with publishing tools that can provide uploading from Street View.

Google is working to make 360 degree cameras ready for Street View

But what does this really mean for the 360-camera space?

Well, while it's unlikely to create a boom for these kind of cameras, it does mean there's added incentive to pick one up. After all, the VR devices that are set to work with Street View, for example, will provide a more interesting glimpse into those holiday photos you're looking to show off.

And with the uploading process becoming simplified to bypass a PC in most cases, this will no doubt see an influx of images hitting the platform.

Google is working to make 360 degree cameras ready for Street View

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