Author: Craig Grannell

Craig Grannell is a writer, journalist and editor, who has for more years than he cares to remember, specialized in all things Apple and Mac. (He's been doing this so long that he remembers when Apple genuinely was doomed.) Much of his day is spent surrounded by Apple kit, or peering at his Apple Watch, testing apps and games, and then writing about them. This includes Wareable's best Apple Watch apps and games list, but he also smashes out words for the likes of Stuff, TechRadar, MacFormat, British GQ, Macworld, British Airways, and, frankly, whoever will pay him.

When not immersed in apps, you can usually find Craig putting together Lego with his youngling, faffing about with retro-gaming hardware, or putting together his next wannabe chart-topper with a mix of Korg Gadget, Logic Pro, a battered old acoustic guitar, and a big dollop of optimism.