Spotify's official Apple Watch app is now available to download

First version of Watch app keeps the features basic. For now.
Spotify Apple Watch app now available
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After launching Spotify apps for both Wear OS and Garmin, the streaming music service has finally launched the first version of the Spotify Apple Watch app.

After letting beta testers get their hands on an early version of the app, it's now available for anyone with Apple's smartwatch to try out.

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Like the Wear OS Spotify app, the first version of the app keeps things basic. It will let you shuffle your songs and podcasts, choose from recently played tracks, control your music and tap into Spotify Connect.

That means you can play music from your smartwatch on compatible speakers in your home. Additionally, you'll also be able to save favorite songs by tapping the heart icon next to the track, which adds it to your Spotify music library.

One desirable feature that is missing in action is offline playlist support. But Spotify's announcement post reveals that it already has plans to add that feature at a later date.

The new Spotify Apple Watch app has started rolling out now and you'll need the latest version of the Spotify iPhone app (version 8.4.79) to ensure that you can use the Watch app too.

While it's not the complete Spotify app we'd hoped for, it's a good start and hopefully we won't have to wait too long for that offline playlist support to turn up.

Spotify is testing an Apple Watch app