Fitnet Live Coach nudges you on your Apple Watch Series 2 to sweat more

Apple Health-friendly app taps into heart monitor during live workouts
Fitnet uses Watch Series 2 in live workouts
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Fitness apps are a dime a dozen these days, but we've always got time for those that try to do things a little differently.

A perfect case in point is Fitnet, which has just launched Fitnet Live Coach, an iOS 10 and watchOS 3-friendly app that is fully integrated with Apple's Health platform.

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It works by pulling in data from your wearables including the Apple Watch Series 2 and then integrates that information into live workout feedback and live trainer sessions.

Where things get really interesting from an Apple Watch perspective at least, is that when the Watch is strapped on, trainers can monitor heart rate as well as cardio zones during a workout. They can then remotely 'tap' the client during a workout. So it makes it more difficult to take your foot off the pedal during that cardio session.

Other new features include live video calls to chat to certified personal trainers, a built-in session scheduler and in-app messaging so clients and coaches can keep in close contact.

Subscribing to the Fitnet Live Coach monthly subscription program is $49 per month so it's not cheap. That will get you one live coaching session per week. You can download the Fitnet app for free from the Apple App Store, which covers over 200 free strength training, cardio and yoga workouts.