At last, the Apple Watch Series 3 has LTE music streaming and GymKit

Also new: A Radio app and GymKit capability
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After about a month of developer betas, Apple has finally released watchOS 4.1, bringing Apple Music streaming over LTE to Apple Watch Series 3. The other big new feature is a new Radio app.

You can download the update via the companion Watch app, but you'll need to download iOS 11.1 on your iPhone first. Once you do that, you'll need to place your Apple Watch on a charger and keep your phone nearby.

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In our hands-on with LTE music streaming earlier this month, we felt the update made the Series 3 feel much more like a standalone device, especially when it came to fitness. You will, however, need an Apple Music subscription to take advantage of this, and you may also have to lean on Siri to handle browsing. You can still browse through artists and genres, but it's all easier with Siri.

The Music app itself isn't drastically changed from the previous Music app, but there is now a button that lets you add music to your library, much like you would on your iPhone. The other big addition is the Radio app, which will let you listen to online radio stations like Beats 1 and NPR.

Other changes include GymKit capability, which, unlike music streaming, is available for all Watches running watchOS 4.1. You'll now be able to sync your fitness data to GymKit-capable treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers and indoor bikes for more accurate metrics with a quick tap. In the Control Center, you'll also see a new toggle to disconnect from a Wi-Fi network.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, watchOS 4.1 includes a fix for the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability. The update also includes other tweaks, like notification fixes for heart rate and stand reminders, charging issue fixes and more.

At last, the Apple Watch Series 3 has LTE music streaming and GymKit

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