Apple Watch Sleep app gets name-dropped inside another smartwatch app

Alarms app may have let the cat out of the bag
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Apple may have confirmed that its own sleep monitoring app for the Apple Watch is on the way after it was mentioned in another one of its apps on the App Store.

The listing for its Alarms app briefly showed a screenshot describing a Sleep app for the smartwatch.

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The screenshot seemed to indicate that you'll be able to use this new Sleep app to set your sleep time, much like the Bedtime setting in the iPhone's Clock app.

Rumors earlier this year suggested that the Apple Watch would be able to detect activity to silence alarms, and offer a dedicated complication for your watch face to track sleep data.

Apple Watch Sleep app gets name-dropped inside another smartwatch app

It was rumored that Apple would finally offer its own sleep tracking app at its big hardware event on 10 September, when it showed off the Apple Watch Series 5, but there was no mention of it.

Ahead of the announcement, more alleged details of the app were revealed including a mode that will let owners of multiple Apple Watch owners choose which Watch they want to take to bed to track their sleep.

The Apple Watch sleep solution is said to track movement, heart rate and noises to produce data about the user's quality of sleep. That data will apparently be able to live inside of Apple's Health app and inside of a dedicated Sleep app.

A Bloomberg report earlier this year also claimed that a sleep-tracking app was very much in the works, and would hit the Apple Watch in early 2020. So that timeline could still be on the cards.

Given that Apple acquired sleep tracking tech company Beddit back in 2017, it's been quite a slow journey to the point of it launching its own sleep tracking for the Apple Watch. It seems like we could now be nearer than ever.

Via: The Verge

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