Apple Watch sales are "off the charts" according to Tim Cook

Don't worry, Apple's smartwatch is doing just fine...
Apple says Watch sales are "off the charts"
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Tim Cook has revealed that Apple Watch sales are at a record high just a day after an IDC report suggested sales of its smartwatch had declined by 71% year-on-year.

While Apple never shares precise sales figures of its devices, Cook gave an update via email to Reuters suggesting that all is good on the wearable front and that sales are "off the charts".

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"Our data shows that Apple Watch is doing great and looks to be one of the most popular holiday gifts this year," Cook said.

"During the first week of holiday shopping, our sell-through of Apple Watch was greater than any week in the product's history. And as we expected, we're on track for the best quarter ever for Apple Watch," he added.

IDC's latest report suggested that Apple had sold 1.1 million of its smartwatches in Q3 2016. That's in comparison to 3.9 million Watch sales for the same period last year.

We should factor in of course that this covers a period prior to the launch of the Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2, the latter of which scored very well in our review. We also named the Series 2 our Smartwatch and Wearable of the Year.

Still, it's unsurprising that Cook has come out in defence of the Apple Watch, but with no precise sales figures, it's still impossible to know how well it's actually doing.

Source: Reuters

Tim Cook on Apple Watch sales