​Apple Watch sales may not stink after all as Best Buy expands sales to more stores

Best Buy rushing to get Apple's smartwatch into more stores for Christmas rush
Apple Watch a smash hit at Best Buy
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Best Buy is racing to roll the Apple Watch out into all 1,050 of its retail stores after strong sales in its initial trial.

Last month the retail giant was the first major third party to start selling the Apple Watch in stores, but limited sales to just 300 of its US stores. However, Fortune has reported Best Buy's CEO describing early sales of the Watch as a "smash hit".

Now the company wants the Apple Watch in all its stores for the Christmas shopping season, which means installing special display cases in over 520 stores.

"Demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in the stores and online," Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said on an earnings call, in which he revealed huge growth, partially fuelled by Apple devices.

"Because demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in these stores and online, we are excited to share that beginning September 4 we will be carrying Apple Watch in more than 900 of our big-box stores," reported MacRumours.

The roll-out certainly paints a different picture for the Apple Watch than the reports of flat-lining sales from a month ago.

Perhaps it's because buying the Watch is a personal experience, and requires people trying it on your wrist before you buy. And it seems Best Buy could be reaping the rewards of giving more people the chance to do that.