The Apple Watch is outselling Fitbits (and everything else)

New analyst figures to sink our teeth into
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Just days after Tim Cook teased that Apple Watch sales have nearly doubled in a year, we have some new analyst figures that (sort of) back up that claim.

Apple is the biggest wearable tech maker for the first quarter of 2017 with Xiaomi in second place and Fitbit slipping to third. That's according to Strategy Analytics' tracker for Q1 2017, which estimates that Apple sold 3.7 million devices. That translates to a 15.9% market share for what the firm calls core wearables i.e smartwatches and fitness trackers.

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In fact, its estimates show that the first three months of the year were the Apple Watch's best performance since Q3 of 2015 and 57% better than the 2.2 million it sold in the same period last year. So it doesn't precisely tally up with what Tim Cook said but the trend is clear - the Series 2 is doing well.

As for Fitbit, it shipped an OK 2.9 million wearables and, as we already know from its earnings call this week, investors lost like fifteen cents on the share and Fitbit did slightly better than predicted. Pretty meh results all round ahead of what needs to be a hit Fitbit smartwatch later this year.

And Xiaomi is actually just behind Apple on 3.4 million units, though it's worth noting that a Mi Band 2 costs a fraction of an Apple Watch Series 2. Everyone else is bundled into one not too shabby figure of 12.2 million - that includes Samsung, Garmin and Android Wear devices.

The Apple Watch is outselling Fitbits (and everything else)

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