Jewelry maker Lagos launches some mighty fancy Apple Watch bracelets

The 'Smart Caviar' collection comes in four unisex options
Lagos launches Apple Watch bracelets
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Jewelry brand Lagos has announced a selection of Apple Watch bracelets named the 'Smart Caviar' collection. If you haven't guessed by now, these aren't your average silicone sports bands.

The smartwatch collection comprises of four unisex styles in 18k gold, silver and diamonds, ranging from $950 to $8,500. It's available exclusively from Bloomingdale's stores and website until 1 November, at which point it will have general distribution.

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Lagos joins a small cohort of established fashion names building Apple Watch bands, including Hermès and Coach. Over time, Apple has increasingly emphasized the fitness abilities of the Watch, shifting away from the more fashion-focused pitch of the original device.

In fact, head honcho Steven Lagos said in a statement: “I’m a big fan of the Apple Watch and love the functionality. It is perfectly designed for the sporty lifestyle but something was missing – there was no fine jewelry element to it." Lagos wanted to turn it from a casual watch into "a jewelry watch".

The Apple Watch Series 4 is all but confirmed for a reveal on 12 September. Rumors suggest the new smartwatch will be compatible with the same band fittings as previous models, so if you do splash out on a Lagos band, chances are you won't be left behind.

Jewelry maker Lagos launches Apple Watch bracelets, for those looking to get fancy