​Apple wins big blood pressure monitoring patent for Apple Watch

Could we see this on the Apple Watch Series 7?
​Apple wins big blood pressure patent
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The Apple Watch Series 7 could get blood pressure monitoring, thanks to a new major patent that’s landed from the Cupertino-based company.

The major patent – spotted by Patently Apple - follows a number of smaller patents for blood pressure monitoring, and certainly appears to be a focus for future Apple Watch devices.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has blood pressure capabilities – albeit not yet signed off by the FDA. However, it’s live in South Korea, and can take a blood pressure reading from the wrist. It must, however, be regularly validated and calibrated to a normal blood pressure monitor.

Apple’s patent also looks at how the company can take a blood pressure reading from the wrist. However, it seems that Apple has different ideas.

Apple Watch blood pressure monitoring patent lands

The main patent looks at the idea of a pressure sensor providing a non-invasive tonometric reading. That means gauging pressure – and is (extremely generally) the same kind of process used during an eye test.

The patent also refers to the idea that readings would have a secondary correction metric, effectively checking the device’s readings for accuracy, and adjusting the score. We're not sure if that would mean that the Watch wouldn't need to be calibrated by a standard blood pressure device, like the Galaxy Watch.

The patent is open to interpretation, but it seems the Apple Watch band could have a major role to play.

Several drawings show sensors in the band itself, with an actuator, or in some cases an ultrasound transducer, targeting an artery in the base of the wrist.

Apple Watch blood pressure monitoring patent lands

What’s more, another diagram shows a “plurality of sensors” in the band underneath the wrist.

Of course, not every patent Apple files comes to pass. We’ve rounded up some of the company’s Apple Watch patents, and very few of them have morphed into actual usable features so far.

But clearly wearable, easy blood pressure monitoring would be a feature that benefits millions of people. Watch this space.