And finally: A future Apple Watch could get touchy with smart fabric

And other smaller stories from the last week
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As our Editor Mike pointed out in Week in Wearable, we're not entirely sure what day it is, but we think it's a Sunday, which means it's time for a look back at the smaller stories and rumors from the last seven days.

As you might expect it's been a rather quiet one, though Garmin did use Boxing Day to announce the Vivofit 4 while more news surfaced on Apple's glucose tracking ambitions.

But what else has happened? Read on, dear friends. Read on.

Apple's new idea is smart fabric

And finally: A future Apple Watch could get touchy with smart fabric

For a long time we've been reporting on Apple's ambitions for Apple Watch smart bands, which patents suggest will be able to function as batteries, biometric sensors and more. The folks at Patently Apple have dug up yet more evidence, a patent for a smart fabric which could host touch-sensitive controls and buttons, for use on the Apple Watch. It sounds similar to Google's Project Jacquard, which also weaves conductive fibers through fabric.

What's next for Huawei

And finally: A future Apple Watch could get touchy with smart fabric

An image allegedly showing Huawei's 2018 roadmap leaked earlier this week, and if it is to be revealed then there are a couple of new toys coming our way. According to the roadmap there will be a new Honor A2 fitness tracker launched in Q1 along with a Huawei 360 camera. Here's hoping the new A2 iteration makes it to the West, as the last one stayed locked in China.

We know it's just another budget fitness tracker, but Huawei impressed us this year with the Band 2 Pro, and we think now is the time for it and its sub-brand to bring the fight to Fitbit and others.

PlayerData to ready smart clothes in 2018

And finally: A future Apple Watch could get touchy with smart fabric

Scottish wearable tech startup PlayerData is edging close to the launch of its first product, a piece of smart clothing that combines a sensor-laden garment with a removable "module". The clothing will give the wearer feedback on their biometrics and performance, both as an individual and for teams. It will primarily target sports like running, golf and football, according to Insider.

PlayerData just raised a new round of funding that will get its clothing ready for market by the end of 2018.

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