Apple AirPower is experiencing overheating issues, say reports

The charging mat is still a AWOL after being unveiled last year
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Apple AirPower is experiencing issues related to overheating, communication, and interference that are holding it back from launch, according to a pair of reports.

The company's all-in-one charging mat, first unveiled back in September 2017 and scheduled for a 2018 release date, promises to charge the Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods simultaneously, but has so far remained a no-show. And at Apple's keynote last week, there was still no update on the AirPower's whereabouts.

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We first heard whispers regarding problems with the unit back in February, with it allegedly struggling to gain a consistent connection with the Apple Watch, and now John Gruber, writing on Daring Fireball, and Sonny Dickson have claimed that the mat is still struggling to overcome similar issues.

Not only is AirPower becoming too hot to charge the trio of devices, which Gruber blames on the multi-coil design, but it's also not able to communicate with the devices and work out their level of charge. Interference between devices when all placed on the mat together is apparently also creating trouble.

The pair of reports don't go as far as to say the device has been officially delayed, or even cancelled altogether, but both strongly indicate that it isn't looking good - with Dickson describing it as "doomed to failure".

What we do know is that any mention of AirPower on the Apple website has been wiped, leaving its future very much in doubt.

Due to the pattern of reports surrounding the charging mat, it's likely that the company is assessing its options. It appears doubtful that AirPower, at least in its current form, will release any time soon, but it is possible Apple is taking a step back and looking to redesign the ambitious mat.

The one upside is that the likely delay gives you even more time to save for the mat, which rumours indicate will be priced around .

Apple AirPower is experiencing overheating issues, say reports

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