And finally: Apple Watch Series 3 LTE arrives in more countries

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This week we have been mostly talking about the Apple Watch because it was WWDC and Tim Cook and company had new watchOS 5 features to talk about. We got a smarter Siri, more workout modes and better communication and notification features. We're even getting a Walkie Talkie mode.

It wasn't all about Apple though. We found out that Samsung may not actually be working on a Wear OS watch and the Korean tech giant is also powering powering the AKI smartwatch, which is basically a Gear S3 for kids. There was also reasons to celebrate for Indian startup Leaf Wearables who were announced winners of the Women's Safety XPrize.

But that's not all that happened this week. Read on for the other stories of the week. And, of course, if you need more you can head over to our dedicated news section.

Apple Watch Series 3 gets LTE in four more countries

And finally: Apple Watch Series 3 LTE arrives in more countries

The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular has been a massive success for Apple, especially as carriers all over the world salivate at the opportunity to add another data-using device to customers plans.

The Series 3 with LTE isn't fully rolled out all over the world yet, but it did just gain four more countries: Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. They're now available for pre-order.

One of the reasons the Apple Watch with cellular is taking so long to roll out is that it doesn't use a SIM card instead relying on an eSIM, which may make negotiations with networks a little more difficult and intensive to get the support baked in.

Valencell is going to bring biometric sensors to more hearables

And finally: Apple Watch Series 3 LTE arrives in more countries

Valencell is one of the leaders of biometric sensors, as its technology makes its way into wearables from the likes of Sony and Samsung. It's now teaming up with Sonion, one of the leaders in the hearing aid industry.

The goal is to bring Valencell's biometric capabilities to hearing devices, creating hearables that can sense things like your heart rate. It's not clear when we should see the first fruits of this partnership, but it is definitely going to help pave the way for more health-focused hearables to break out.

Apple Watch got someone a ticket at a stop light

And finally: Apple Watch Series 3 LTE arrives in more countries

One of the best things about an Apple Watch is that it allows you to keep your hands off your iPhone. That didn't work out so well for Victoria Ambrose, who was found guilty of breaking Ontario, Canada's distracted driving law. This is how it went down. The Watch owner was sitting at a stop light checking her Watch. A police officer was behind her and when it turned green she didn't move, and it took the police officer shining his light on the side of the car to get her attention.

The officer claimed she wasn't moving because she was distracted by the smartwatch. For her part, Ambrose didn't argue that she didn't check her watch. Instead, she argued it was exempt from the law because it was "securely mounted" on her wrist. That did not fly with the officer, however, and she'll have to pay a rather hefty $500 fine.

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