5 easy ways to improve the Apple Watch's battery life

If you're struggling to make your Watch last a day, read this simple guide
5 ways to boost Apple Watch battery

The Apple Watch's battery, whether you've got the original or a Series 1 or Series 2, will always require nightly charging, but if your smartwatch is failing to even last a day, it can be seriously frustrating.

With some users complaining that their Apple Watch is lifeless before they even get home from work, the good news is that there are several palpable ways to increase the Apple Watch's battery life.

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If you're struggling to keep your Apple Watch alive all day, then try some of these suggestions:

1. Calm down those notifications

The constant pinging of data between your iPhone and Watch is going to suck power, so keeping needless notifications away from your wrist is key. You can individually disable app notifications from the watch in the companion app. Just go to Notifications and scroll down to "mirror iPhone alerts from" and turn off needless apps.

2. Dim the screen

It doesn't matter whether it's wearables or smartphones, a gadgets display is always the chief drain on battery juice. With the Apple Watch, you can dim the display which should give you vital hours. On the Watch, just go to the Settings app, and tap the Brightness option. There are three levels, and the minimum is perfectly usable.

3. Turn off transparencies

All the whizz-bang stuff may look good, but animations and transparencies work the processor harder, and draw more power. If you're struggling with battery life then turn off the Mickey Mouse watch face with its bold colours and tapping foot, and delve into the settings menu.

Go into the accessibility menu and turn on Reduce Motion, Reduce Transparency and if you want to 'go nuclear', you can also change to greyscale, which will work the screen less.

4. Turn off the HR sensor

For those users who aren't interested in the fitness tracking elements, you can disable the heart rate monitor.

The optical sensor underneath the Watch notes your pulse every few minutes which helps make calorie estimations much more accurate. However, by opening the companion app and going to the Workout app options, you can turn it off, saving a big chunk of battery.

5. Power reserve mode

If your battery is destined to die before you reach home, the last resort is the Power Reserve feature. Accessed by pressing and holding the power button on the Watch itself, Power Reserve mode turns off all features bar the time, so you won't have a useless dead screen on your wrist.

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