Google to revamp Gmail and Calendar apps for Wear OS

Core experience continues to be revamped
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Google is revamping more of its core apps and bringing them to Wear OS – as it continues its investment into the platform.

The company is bringing revamped Mail and Calendar apps to Wear OS, which will enable users better control over their Google services from the wrist – according to a report on 9to5Google.

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Up until now, emails have only been handled by the standard notifications that are delivered to the wrist. And in terms of calendar support, that’s all been done via the Agenda app. That doesn’t offer users the chance to get granular views of their week or month – and only offers basic support.

But while the report doesn’t break down exactly the features that will come to Wear OS, it does report they will be fully featured.

Google has been busy revamping all elements of Wear OS. It’s changed the guidelines for third-party app developers to improve the quality of offerings on the Google Play Store. But it’s also had to improve its own offerings.

As well as revamping Wear OS, it’s also relaunched Maps, YouTube Music, Google Wallet and Messages. That’s also been backed up by refreshed apps such as Google Home.

And like so much of Wear OS, it’s taking some time. We reported on the updated Messages app over a year ago. And Wear OS 3.0 was announced back at Google I/O 2021, and it didn’t make it to a non-Samsung device until Oct 2022. 

9to5Google reports that the new apps are in testing at the moment on Pixel Watch – but there are no details of when they will land on your wrist.


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