Asus Android Wear smartwatch set for IFA launch

CEO tells investor conference to expect September unveil
Asus Android Wear to launch at IFA

It looks as if the next manufacturer out of the blocks with an Android Wear smartwatch could be Asus, after CEO Jerry Shen purportedly told an investors' conference that a launch at IFA in September could be on the cards.

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Focus Taiwan are reporting that while the company boss revealed the launch plan during the conference, he aired caution as to how quickly the smartwatch market was maturing.

"We're dreaming big about the future of wearable devices, but the dream will not come true this year or in the first half of next year because the market demand has not picked up," Shen is said to have stated.

He did, however, claim that the company's first smartwatch had been well received by Google. Asus was, of course, named as one of the official Android Wear partners at the platform's I/O unveiling back in March.

This isn't the first time we've heard about a potential Asus Android Wear smartwatch: back in June Tech Crunch claimed the company was aiming for a September launch and that its device was on track to be the cheapest Android Wear watch.

In June, Asus chairman Jonney Shih claimed its planned smartwatch was a "hero product" and indicated that the company had struck a balance between "launch timing, technical feasibility, price and form factor".

With Samsung and LG's Android Wear efforts receiving only luke-warm praise by tech critics, we hope that Shih's claims come to fruition.

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