Apple Watch could take 68% of smartwatch sales by the end of 2015

The research firm Tractica thinks Apple will outsell rivals until at least 2020
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Apple Watch sales figures have been revised downwards to 16 - 20 million rather than the hyped up estimates of 30 million we saw before the launch.

But unless the Samsung Gear S2 and Moto 360 2 mean that Android Wear and Tizen sales pick up drastically, Apple will still have cornered 68% of the smartwatch market by the end of 2015.

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That's according to research firm Tractica which has just put out a new report stating that by the end of the year - bearing in mind that the Apple Watch only went on sale in April - Apple will account for 16.7 million of a total of 24.4 million smartwatches sold this year.

As predicted, the Apple Watch is smartwatches.


Tractica also made some predictions about Apple's share of the market between now and 2020. Though it steadily decreases in relation to Android Wear, Android and Tizen smartwatches, the graph shows that in 2020 Apple should still be selling an incredible 52% of smartwatches worldwide.

With an Apple Watch 2 slated for an early to mid 2016 launch, the report expects to see a price cut for the Apple Watch by the end of the year - we're not so sure.

"The launch of native Apple Watch apps and improvements in software will provide some respite to early adopters," said Tractica's research director Aditya Kaul.

"Notifications are likely to become more contextual and useful, and we expect that Apple Pay will continue to gain momentum and will become an indispensable app for many users. In addition, we should not discount the demand for Apple Watch in China, where the company has been devoting a significant amount of energy in its marketing and retail efforts."

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