Xiaomi smart rice cooker ups the pressure

Connected cooker is part of Chinese company's Mi Ecosystem
Xiaomi smart rice cooker revealed
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Xiaomi has taken the covers off of the Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker - a smart device that promises to cook over 200 varieties of rice.

While it's not the coolest device we've ever covered on Wareable (both literally and figuratively) it's a big deal as it once again reinforces Xiaomi's growing reputation in the smart device space.

The connected rice cooker is part of the Chinese company's Mi Ecosystem, which already includes an air purifier, a water filter, smart scales and a blood pressure monitor.

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Like Withings, Xiaomi is going all out with a multi device assault for the 'connected self' and, while a connected rice cooker isn't likely to cause any great waves in the western world, it's obviously a big deal in China.

"Users can scan their pack of rice to identify the type of rice, brand and origin, and based on that, the rice cooker can adjust its heating methodology to best suit the type of rice. It currently supports more than 200 varieties of rice, and this will be expanded in the future," Xiaomi told TechCrunch.

The main question around Xiaomi is whether it can sell big in the US and Europe and not just the manufacturer's home country of China and nearby territories.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse
Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

Reports in late 2015 claimed that 600,000 of the year's 10 million total sales were in Taiwan alone. It hasn't released sales figures for any other individual countries and it's safe to say that in the UK and Europe, it isn't a Fitbit-style household name yet.

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