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This Gameband smartwatch brings classic Atari games to your wrist

Pong it up like it’s 1972

If you long for a return to the golden days of retro gaming, a new dedicated smartwatch is set to bring the action to your wrist.

The folks over at FMTwo Game have announced the launch of the Gameband, a device which will allow you to play on-the-go through its Android-based OS. And thanks to some collaborative work, the watch will launch with co-branded editions from Atari and Terraria.

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Each will come with up to 20 mini-games, including classic hits such as Pong, Asteroids and Centipede, and current indie options like Terraria.

All game iterations have been optimised specifically for the watch's 1.63-inch AMOLED display, which is powered by Qualcomm's Wear 2100 processor and offers Wi-Fi, an upgradable MicroSD drive and Bluetooth to pair with your Android or iOS device.

"Atari created video games and arcade gaming, and later pioneered the rise of consoles by bringing arcade gaming into the living room. It's exciting to now bring gaming to another frontier, wearables, with Gameband Atari Edition," said Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari SA.

Thanks to the MicroSD slot and Gameband's PixelFurnace launch platform, users can play full versions of games on any computer. This also lets you to wirelessly throw music onto audio devices and store and access photos and files.

"We think the smartwatch market has fallen somewhat short of its potential; it's crowded, with lots of similar products, and often at unaffordable price points," said FMTwo Game CEO Feargal Mac Conuladh.

"With our focus on great specs, and specific gaming functionality, content and design, we want Gameband to open the door to a new audience of smartwatch customer."

As the image above shows, different straps and stitching options are available depending on which variant you choose from, with those pledging more through the Kickstarter process able to add a canvas or leather band to the standard silicon option.

The campaign begins on 8 February, with super early bird pricing starting at $99 allowing you to save on the eventual retail tag of $199.

Atari teases classic gaming on your wrist

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