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Inside Google's cancer detector

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However, even we can't cover every small story and interesting tidbit, which is where And finally comes in. This where we mop up the blips on the wearable radar that we couldn't cover in detail during the week, pointing you in the way of the original stories.

Google X has made synthetic human skin

The Atlantic has had a peek behind the scenes at Google X – the company's secretive innovation division – and seen Big G's cancer detecting wearable first hand. Google's scientists have created two arms covered in synthetic skin, which will light up affected cells from within the body, when mixed with nanoparticles that the patient ingests via a pill. Those nanoparticles bind with the cancerous cells, and glow from underneath the skin. Simple right? Check out The Atlantic's video for the full science.

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Whistle buys Tagg

It's been all go in the pet wearables world this week, with hotshot start-up Whistle buying Tagg, the dog GPS tracking incumbent. The fee hasn't been disclosed, but the aim is to roll Tagg's superior GPS tracking in with Whistle's focus on wellbeing and fitness tracking. Designed by New Deal Design, WhistleGPS is one of our favourite pet trackers, and this new partnership could yield some exciting new devices for 2015.

Quantas to offer in-flight VR

Quantas airline is going to be offering Gear VR headsets to some of its customers, for a whole new dose of in-flight entertainment. Customers flying business class between LA and Sydney and in the Sydney or Melbourne first-class lounge will be able to escape the drudgery of flying with the Galaxy Note 4 and Gear VR combo – for games and movies. However, the company has only bought 12 units in total, so even high-rolling business class travellers will be expected to share.

AmbyGear kids watch packs educational games

Child friendly wearables are generating serious traction, but the latest model from AmbyGear puts gaming high up its priority list. Forget Call of Duty, this smartwatch is made for younger children, and features low-res educational maths games, in addition to brightly coloured designs, GPS tracking and an tamper detection. Unlike some of the chunky, prison parole style wearables some kids are being forced to wear, perhaps the injection of some fun can make this GPS tracker something kids would enjoy wearing.


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