And finally: Apple Watch on sale at CES 2015 and more...

Catch up with all the CES news blips from an incredibly busy week for wearables
And finally: Apple Watch on sale and more

Wow, what a week it’s been for wearable tech. CES 2015 will be remembered for placing wearables firmly at the forefront of the industry’s focus. There was even an Apple Watch on sale. Sort of - check out this hands-on with the $27 Apple Watch from Mashable.

Wearable tech 2.0 is smaller, cheaper, prettier, lasts longer and 2015 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year. Check out our CES 2015 homepage for all the big news from the Vegas expo or read our roundup of all the week’s biggest events.

And read on for some of the stories you may not have heard about, the blips and murmurs that may have been missed on your radar…

BBM launches on Android Wear

The BlackBerry Messenger team were over in Vegas to talk about their latest platform…Android Wear. That’s right, the tech company that’s so out of touch it’s still using, well, BlackBerry handsets, has actually got a forward-thinking and, dare we say it, decent, idea up its sleeve: BBM on Android Wear smartwatches.

According to the official BlackBerry blog: “If you often hear the BBM notification when your hands are full you’re going to love this.”

Check out the full post for all the details, it’s expected to launch soon.

Quell wants to relieve your pain

Quell is a wearable aiming to be your coach and your physio all in one. Being demoed over in Vegas, the new device provides pain-relief on the go, using neurotechnological impulses, while at the same time tracking your activity and sleep.

You can read the full technical details on the Quell product page – it’s due to ship sometime in 2015.

iON SnapCam takes on Narrative and co

You may have read about the Wi-Fi packing Narrative Clip 2 on Wareable earlier in the week but it wasn’t the only wearable camera on show in Vegas.

The iON SnapCam not only, like its life-logging rival, takes 8MP stills but can also stream live HD video. Check out the video above for more details.

HealBe GoBe claims questioned

There were more medical claims flying around the halls of the LVCC than ever during CES 2015 - the most controversial of which, or at least the one that caused the most fuss, was HealBe's that its GoBe wearable an automatically measure the calories we consume.

The BBC challenged its makers to prove it was capable of doing what they claimed it could – read the full report to find out how it got on.

Bragi Dash goes public

The Bragi Dash got its first public showing off, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, at CES.

The connected earbud, which packs heart rate monitoring smarts, bagged a CES Innovation Award. It can play music from the built-in storage or stream it from your smartphone, and works much like the Jabra Sport Pulse to fire extra fitness data to its app.

You can pre-order one now for $299, with shipping in planned for April.

Audi LG smartwatch impresses

LG and Audi demoed a stylish, non-Android Wear, variant of the G Watch R; running instead on webOS.

It’s a prototype for now and, while a 2016 launch has been touted, we were told by an Audi representative at the show that it wasn’t due for a consumer launch.

Still, it looks pretty cool eh?

Mio Alpha 2 updates features

Like the Mio Alpha? Well then you’ll be pleased to hear that a sequel was on show out in the desert; one that adds a new accelerometer, customisable displays, a bigger memory and wireless syncing.

It’s on-sale now and costs £149.95 in the UK, $200 Stateside – the same price as the original.


Make sure you check out our CES hub for all the wearable tech news and reviews from this year’s show.

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