Xbox One games land on Oculus Rift

You can stream your favourite games through the new consumer edition Rift

At the big Oculus Rift event in San Francisco, the VR company revealed not only will the consumer edition Rift come boxed with an Xbox One control pad - but that Xbox One games will stream on the system as well.

We know, right? Massive news.

Except it's not quite as exciting as that. Rather than full-on, immersive Halo action, or 360-degree Forza, it's merely your Xbox One games streamed to a virtual theatre within the headset.

Rather than being able to look around the world of your game, you can simply look around a virtual cinema with the game taking place on a screen in front of you.

Utterly pointless, we know.

However, it's still exciting that Microsoft is officially on board with Oculus. The fact that the system is Windows 10 compatible, and that Xbox streaming is already being explored can only be a good thing.

So while it's rather naff at the moment, we've big hopes that the Rift could well end up being the Xbox One VR headset the rumour mill has been dreaming of.


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