VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

Our list of VR games and films you should avoid due to motion sickness
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Motion sickness has been largely fixed for VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR thanks to the high frame rate - anything lower than 90fps will make you lose your lunch pretty quickly.

That doesn't mean the problem with nausea has been completely solved. There are still games that require a steel stomach and aren't for the faint of heart. Oculus lists three 'intensity' levels for its library while Steam doesn't say anything at all. We don't know what PS VR's planning but we're hoping it will also display some sort of comfort meter.

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Regardless, it's still a subjective struggle which is why we've decided to test out as many games, films and experiences we can to give you an even clearer idea of how sick you might get in VR. Keep in mind, these are all still pretty fun to try and most actually leave you feeling nausea-free - but consider yourself warned about the other titles if you aren't sure how you'll fare in VR.

We'll keep updating as we try more experiences but let us know what makes you sick in the comments below, or what you think we should try next.

High motion sickness

EVE: Valkyrie - You're a pilot in a fighter jet so there's a lot of spinning and inversion happening. The bad guys also zip by you really fast meaning you have to chase them quickly by whatever means you can. We were only able to play 15 minutes then had a massive headache afterwards.

VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

InCell - Puke-tastic. You have to spin, move forward and do it pretty fast which makes for a seriously nauseous time.

Windlands - Jumping mechanics are slow but it's a big no from your brain. Take the game's warnings seriously.

VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

Adr1ft - Spinning around in space will make you feel like an astronaut but you'll also feel like you're training to be one too since you'll likely get motion sick.

Project Cars - VR driving games causing motion sickness is pretty funny but yes, it happens. For the most part, Project Cars is in between high and moderate because for some, the simulation was too fast to turn your head in time with the car while others felt only somewhat queasy afterwards.

Radial-G - Similar to Project Cars, but worse since you're ridiculously fast upside down and all over the place. It's basically the worst roller coaster ever for your brain.

Moderate motion sickness

The Gallery - Oddly, the teleportation can make players feel a bit queasy. Maybe because you're looking around a lot for objects to pick up thus needing to teleport too often?

VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

Edge of Nowhere - This third person game that isn't too bad but there are a few sudden movements that could cause some queasiness.

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The Climb - You might get dizzy looking down since you're scaling mountains, but nothing too intense beyond that otherwise it could be categorized as 'low to no motion sickness.' Jumping from different ledges may also be sudden and make you feel wobbly if you're not used to it.

VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

Hover Junkers - This one's another title that could be considered low sickness, but you do have to move your ship fast which might make you feel pretty dizzy.

Time Machine VR - For a game where you're just sitting and looking at dinosaurs (ok there's more to it but still) it can leave you feeling a little lightheaded. It may be the movement feature of the pod not jiving with your head movements.

Low to no motion sickness

Raw Data - This shooter has you turning around in all directions shooting waves of enemies but you shouldn't have too many issues with nausea since the room isn't moving around you.

Everest VR - Slight toss up with this one as the movement features that teleport you can be jarring. Some have felt slightly sicker than others 'climbing' Everest.

Chronos - It's like side-scroller down games where you mostly watch your character so there's very little sickness felt.

VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

Lucky's Tale - Same deal as Chronos where it's a side-scroller that follows the character around.

The Assembly - Basically like a good 'ol fashioned point-and-click adventure game that shouldn't make you feel sick when slowly moving around.

Audioshield - Standing in one spot hitting blobs feels fine but the blobs

VR experiences rated from most nauseating to least

Ascension VR - Card game where you're motionless and movement is limited to picking out various cards to play.

Space Pirate Trainer - Shooter where you're spinning around to take out robots, but doesn't require a lot of movement otherwise.

#SelfieTennis - Teleportation kicks in as you hit the tennis ball back and forth to yourself but isn't jarring.

Dreadhalls - This horror game has you walking forward mostly peeking around corners trying not to jump out of your skin. Nothing too crazy here on the nausea scale but you may take off the headset anyway if you're too creeped out.

Other comfortable experiences:

Vanishing Realms

Legend of Luca

Fantastic Contraption

The Lab



Job Simulator

Final Approach

Nvidia VR Funhouse

Trials on Tatooine

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

Butts: The VR Experience


The Rose and I




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