View-Master goes VR: Mattel's headset now on sale

Retro meets futuro with this reel-viewing, app-playing mega toy
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We hope you're getting some serious VR kicks at the moment. We certainly are with Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR. And now in a wonderful meeting of minds, Mattel and Google have joined forces to power up the iconic View-Master with virtual reality smarts.

The kid-friendly viewer is now on sale in the US. The Starter Pack comes with a Preview Reel, which lets you explore content from the three VR apps already available on iOS and Android - Space, Destinations, and National Geographic Wildlife.

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Like the DIY Google Cardboard cases and the recently announced VR for G3 from LG, the new, plastic View-Master needs a smartphone to provide the processing and display for Google Cardboard apps.

But what makes the View-Master a bit of a magical mash-up is that it can still work with old-school, physical "reels" of AR animations including one that's a tour of a space shuttle.

Themed reels will be available to buy separately as cardboard discs or downloadable updates. In terms of viewing View-Master reels, the kids headset supports iPhone as well as Android.

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The toy itself is 75 years old and Mattel says over 100m of them have been sold to date. So it's nice to see the collector's item getting a tech injection that should lead to more kids getting to play games and demo thanks to this no-frills , affordable VR platform from Google. The new View-Master is now on sale for $29.99 in select stores with additional reel packs coming soon $14.99.


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