Sony could sell 1.4 million PlayStation VR headsets in less than 3 months

Outselling Rift and Vive combined

Sony could sell as many as 1.4 million PlayStation VR headsets between October 13 and the end of 2016. That's according to the latest IHS Markit report which predicts Sony's first VR headset, a $399 PS4 accessory, will outsell the PC-based Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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That's even building in the supply constraints we've already seen from Sony - running low on stock for Amazon, for example. The fact is Sony is going it alone in the 'mid range' with this price and set up so it has no previous product to base its sales estimates on.

Doing some crude calculations of our own, even excluding bundles, 1.4 million sales would mean at least $559 million in revenue for Sony from VR hardware.

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OK so 1.4 million isn't much compared to say, the 53 million PS4 consoles it's sold in the past few years - it's not even 5%. But this is a new area of technology and many non PC gamers are yet to try out a VR headset. And you've got to admit it makes a superb Christmas present, as does the Samsung Gear VR on the lower end, so we expect most of those sales to be stacked between pre-orders and Xmas gifts.

Don't count out Daydream

IHS Markit also predicts that the PlayStation VR will generate $134 million on VR entertainment - games, apps and experiences - in 2016.

We've heard before that this is where the real money could be outside the small number of players building hardware. And it may yet prove to be so with upcoming headsets including Google's own $79 Daydream View. One of the plus points for PS VR is that there's a range of games from $50 multiplayer space games to sub $10 titles and free apps.

The latest sales estimates haven't budged much since early 2016. In March Sales Monitor predicted 1.6 million PS VR sales for the year and said this would give Sony 64% market share.

Elsewhere in this IHS Markit report, analysts predict Daydream View will be more popular than the Gear VR by 2019 and that spending on headsets will rise from $1.9 billion this year to $7.9 billion in 2020.

If you own a PS4, are you thinking about buying a PlayStation VR? If not, why not? Let us know in the comments.


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  • thehitman1398·

    Got my PSVR bundle already paid on amazon along with, RIGS, DRIVE CLUB, VALKIRE, and BATTLE ZONE all coming the same day!!!!! #CANTWAIT!!!!!!

  • greaseman2·

    i have it preordered and can't wait to pick it up Thursday after work from gamestop

  • NightsMaster·

    The writer is missing the point.  Why is she trying to downplay the sales, like "oh, less than 5% of ps4 ownerds will have a vr headset by year end ... big whoop" ...

    What she needs to state is that all of those 1.4 million that sony has in lroduction, are selling out instantly in pre-sales and on official release.  I had to stay up for 12:01 am official relate because all of the pre-sales were sold out back in August.  

    Glad I did, by the time I woke up at 5 am for work, they were sold out.  Another thing to look at in the 4th quarter of this year is the sale of new PS4 units to previous non-owners (welcome to the Sony club to all of you former Xbox fanboys) and if there is an uptick in PS4 Pro pre-sales that can handle the higher resolutions  for 3d gaming.

    If you haven't put a headset on yet in a demo or tried a friend's, you can't understand how this is the point where everything changed.  In the future,  people will look back at the last 1/4 of 2016 like they did when things like W.O.W. were released or similar historical paradigm shift moments occurred.  It will even force Microsoft to perhaps make a deal with Sony for cross platform development finally so they aren't left in the dust as Sony crosses 1 billion dollars in VR related sales ...

    Wake up Sophie.... you just completely missed the dawn of a new era.


  • gennaroronnega·

    I don't agree. This could be a new era. But it also could be another expensive gadget for a console that may sell or not and then be forgotten. Just like kinect1 or the wiimote didn't change much. For now, selling 1.5 milion in 3 month, is something significant but not a real boom in a new era. It may start slowly and if sony don't deliver some killer app while the price is decreasing it may even stop. The point is getting where a 100milion or more dollar game can be profitable. And for now it is impossible and so there are no games like this in development (which mean for the next 3 years they will not deliver), the same problem PcVr has. so people may think Psvr is not a good value for money if you can't get any decent game. What sony wants is that psVr also becomes a good selling reason for the ps4, and that's not the case... Only early adopters and enthusiast that already had the system buyed it. So there is no boom in the sales of the ps4. For now. The software houses look at those indicators to decide where to put their money. the timing is good anyway. They delivered a new console and psvr before christmas unlike microsoft so things could change in 2017